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XINXING FASTENERS Manufacture Co Ltd Possessing the import export license was established in 1985 In order to offer a better serve to our client and market demand We invested a new manufacturing base named XingTai City XinXing Fasteners Manufacture Co Ltd XTXX in 2006 Improved a new quality wire rods manufacturing base named Ningbo XinXing Fasteners Manufacture Co Ltd NBXX in 2011 XTXX is located in XingTai City HeBei Province China It occupies an area of 50000m2 30000m2 of which are covered by factory buildings The gross capital of this company is valued at USD 11million Professinal produce all kinds of fasteners the monthly capacity is about 6000 tons The company have 12 fully sets of hot...

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O. C. 25mm (DRTX)Accessories of annular cutter (Arbor)heavy duty self drilling metal screwsarconic fastening systems & ringsself drilling screws structural steelbolts and nuts manufacturers in chinaHexagon socket countersunk head screwsplastic automotive clips and fastenersstainless steel button head cap screwsCross recessed pan head tapping screwsZinc Plated Carbon Steel Hex Head Boltstainless steel socket head cap screwsAccessories of annular cutter (Adapter)Prevailing torque type hexagon thin nutsautomotive clips and fasteners wholesalemechanical fasteners for rigid insulationAccessories of annular cutter (Pilot Pin)High Quality Special Nuts With Four HolesAlloy Carbon Steel Zinc Plated Hex Cap Nutbest deck screws for pressure treated woodStainless Steel High Strength Hexagon Nutsmetal roofing screws with neoprene washersbest screws for attaching cabinets togetherChina Accessories of annular cutter (Arbor)2013 ford escape engine splash shield screwsChina Accessories of annular cutter (Adapter)Cross recessed countersunk head tapping screwsChina Accessories of annular cutter (Pilot Pin)High Quality Patent Security Nut With Four Hole
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